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A word from our users

Discover how Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant extends DevOps capabilities to the entire organization.

“Last mile bottlenecks are a killer, and tracking down service owners, managing access controls, and provisioning new resources in a company like ours can be quite the adventure. Kubiya’s approach to reducing laborious ticket-heavy process into one-click workflows while maintaining the balance between security and operational agility is a game changer for us”

Daniel Jensen,
Director of Security Engineering

“Kubiya lets my team and I execute complex, repetitive tasks in a blink of an eye. What used to be a long drawn-out byzantine process due to security concerns, such as assisting external Github contributors from partners, now happens with a few sentences. It’s automation enlightenment in a chat window”

Phil Gardner,
Senior Staff Engineer

“If engineering, operations, data, business and security team professionals were to all meet around a water cooler, they would, for example, speak in English amongst themselves if that was their common language. And, if a machine were to join this metaphorical water cooler talk, the group would naturally expect it to communicate in English as well -not in code or low code. A common thread between professionals of all technical backgrounds and machines may appear trivial, but it changes everything.”

Robin Smith,
CISO at Aston Martin